What is the long tail of the keyword? It’s the longest version of the keyword phrase that you can target.

Allow me to elaborate…

Suppose we have to choose keywords for a company in India wanting to promote seo content services. The obvious choice for keywords that come to mind are seo content servicesseo content services india and seo content services in india.

Now what’s interesting is that seo content servicesseo content services india and seo content services in india all have different rankings in search results, each having separate competition. As mentioned various times in my previous posts you should ONLY target one keyword per page. So would you need to create separate pages around each of these keywords? Imagine the nightmare for a seo copywriter having to write content around that.

So which keyword would you select? After all you want to target users who type any of the above keywords and you are smart enough not to insanely create similar or duplicate content pages to target those keywords.

The best option is to target the longest variation of the keyword phrase. By targeting the longest variation of the keyword you ensure the keyword phrase includes all the individual words seocontentservicesin, and india that you want to target.

What about the keyword phrase affordable seo content services in india? Yes the chances are strong that there would be fewer users typing such a long keyword, but by using longer variations of the keyword phrase your page is now set up to handle various permutations and combinations the user may type, which otherwise would be lost within the keyword universe.

Another example would be the keyword phrase seo experts in india. Now I could have also selected the keyword seo expert in india, but in this case I don’t stand a good chance to rank well for users typing the keyword seo experts in india. By using the longer version of the word expert (i.e. experts), I ensure that I target users searching for seo expert in indiaseo expert,seo expert indiaseo experts in indiaseo expertsseo experts india.

So the secret is out! By setting up your pages for the longest version of the keyword phrase will ensure that you get all the relevant words in your keyword phrase to work harder for you.